This is adapted from an assignment in Systematic 1 where we had to meditate on Psalm 1 and 19, 2 Timothy 3 and 2 Peter 1 and then write down our impressions.




The value of Scripture is derived from its Author. God, the creator and sustainer of the universe, has written a Book! How wonderful it is that God uses what is foolish to shame the wise. All Scripture, every bit of it, is breathed-out by God. When we read the Bible we read the very Word of God. This is more profound than my fickle heart often realizes. God’s Word. How am I able to come to a Word such as this with cold indifference or as if it is just another book to be conquered. The Word of God would conquer us! Scripture is profitable (2 Tim 3:16) precisely because it is written by the primary, divine Author; namely, the Holy Spirit.


How exactly is it profitable? What about God’s Word enables us to be equipped for the good endeavors planned for us from before the foundation of the world? The other two passages seem to answer this. In showing us what God is really like (not how we have tried to make Him), the Scripture shows the holiness and glory of God in the gospel. God makes us more into His image by allowing us to behold the glory of God in the Word of God (2 Cor 3:18). Practically, this should drive us to our knees every day, in front of God’s Word begging Him to give us light. The Spirit wrote the Bible and so it is only spiritually discerned. I noticed how true this was while meditating on these passages. I can know what they say and mean but completely miss the glory there. My eyes must be enlightened, lifted above my sinful heart and upwards to God in Christ, clothed in the gospel. Our faith rests on the objective truths of this Word. The key to be transformed into the image of Christ is to rightly focus on the biblical Christ. In the Bible we have our only sure guide. The gospel of Jesus comes to us through men carried along by the Holy Spirit so that when they wrote God so superintended the process that the result was God’s very Word. What a miracle! Inspired, inerrant and sufficient. The Bible gives us a surer guide than our experience to point us to God. My eyes have been exceedingly dull this week. How comforting to know that my present circumstance must be defined by what the Bible says is true about reality! I have found myself praying that my eyes would be set on this Word, more sure than eyewitness testimony of the Transfiguration, so that Christ would shine in my heart by the Spirit in the knowledge of His excellency and worth in the events of the gospel.


Since God has spoken this Word it is no wonder that it is exceedingly sweet! God has communicated to us for a reason. He would have us happy and holy in Christ. Now justified by the imputed righteousness of Christ, we are comforted and admonished by God’s Word. His statues are sure (leading to holiness) and they are sweet (leading to happiness). This holy-happiness in God results from meditating on the glories of Christ seen only in the Scriptures. I think this is how God makes us complete, able to do every good work. Those satisfied in God are those equipped to spend their lives for the sake of the gospel.