It is never my aim to be polemic for the sake of being polemic. This blog is to highlight the truth of God more than it is to tear down others. I believe deeply the truths I proclaim here. They are my life blood and without them I would cease to believe on Christ. Sometimes it is necessary to point out falsity. There is a clear biblical pattern for that. But my aim is your joy; O believer, there is no joy in untrue things! I desire repentance and reverence, the same thing I am fighting for in my own heart.

It is with this attitude I write this post. I am appreciative to my non-Reformed readers. I am proud to stand by many of you in the gospel. But I think you are wrong. I think you are very wrong and you are lying about who God is. The aim of my life is for Christ to be magnified. It is our charge to “take every thought captive to Christ,” not to crush opponents but deepen their worship of God (2 Cor 10:5). So take this as a plea for you to see God rightly. I must put all my cards on the table. You will not believe these glorious truths unless God lets you. Why do I believe them? I don’t know, but it certainly is not due to any intelligence, spirituality or wherewithal found in me. I am a great debtor to the free grace of God.

Arminians, you don’t have a Scriptural leg to stand on. That sounds arrogant, discounting a whole wing of the Christian faith. It is simply the truth. Most of the arguments you have are answered within the text of Scripture. Friend, allow God to be His own interpreter. The Bible is God’s revelation about Himself to us and this God does not lie. The Scripture is consistent, albeit at times hard to interpret. But God’s election of ruined sinners is less than opaque in the Word of God. Would God do that? Well, did He say He would? If so, we must then stop telling God how He is to love. God’s love has Himself in mind, not at the expense of our joy, but in service to it. God loves sovereignly (Malachi 1:1-5). God’s love is not divorced from His holiness. God’s “otherness” should inform how we view God. God does what He wants, not acted on by external forces. He is good, the very definition of good.

The best part apart “Calvinism” is that it is code for biblical soteriology. If I cannot prove it by Scripture there is no reason to believe it. Calvinism is able to sufficiently and convincingly answer any questions brought to it. Why? Because it is true. You cannot detract from falsity. In other words, Reformed theology can be build on the Bible itself without anything else to help it but the Spirit that inspired it. Arminian friend, what is you system of doctrine built on? Because you do have one. It is inescapable. We all have presuppositions and that is good. The question becomes, “Where are our presuppositions coming from?” The Bible? Or by looking to our own answers?

Where are they then? Where do you find it in the Bible, not just one proof text but in a consistent biblical pattern? It is common for those who do not love the same doctrines as I do support their positions by citing “several passages.” These “several passages” show the reality of libertarian free will and synergism. These “several passages” are found “all over the Bible.” Where? Where are these phantom verses? It is my observation that most cannot bring such “verses” out of the canon of Scripture. I don’t mean to be condescending but I am serious. Reformed theology may be many things, but it is at least true to the Bible. Reformed theologians can give you verse upon verse, from all the different genres, from several different authors. We can do systematic theology and biblical theology.

Will you live you life being driven by a faith that is based on “several verses?” Brother, sister, please do not. I am begging you. I am pleading with you, in a way totally consistent with my love for God’s complete sovereignty. You are robbing yourself of joy. You are robbing yourself of holiness. You are robbing yourself of assurance. Get to know Reformed theology and not just what you have heard it is. Straw man fallacies are not uncommon in these types of debate. See what we are really saying! Humble yourself under the Word. We all need to do this. These truths are otherwordly. Natural, human reason cannot account for these doctrines of grace. God help us to see you!

It comes down to this. Did God save you or did you and God save you? Your answer is so very important. Please do not take credit for what God takes credit for in the Bible. You and I have all chosen to rebel against the glory and splendor of the Lord. We have all hated God; unwilling and unable to come to faith. You and me, under the just wrath of God and running straight for it with a smile on our evil faces. Yet now many of us are under grace. Why? And why is your neighbor not? Did you exercise your free will more? Be careful.  See the glory of God in your salvation. He elected you when you were dead. He chose you, not based on anything in you, but entirely in Him. He is just and good; working all things for His glory. Selah. Amen.

sola scriptura. sola gratia. soli deo gloria.