You may have seen on social media that the 2015 Shepherd’s Conference is being held this week. The conference is put on by Grace Church where Dr. John MacArthur has pastored for several decades. The conference is being called an “inerrancy summit.” There are people from all over the world, representing several countries and multiple denominations. The focus of the conference is to affirm, define and talk about the implications of a biblical doctrine of inerrancy. Men like Alistair Begg, RC Sproul, Mark Dever, Carl Trueman, Lig Duncan and several more are all coming together to defend the Bible and its utter truthfulness.

What’s the Big Deal with Biblical Inerrancy?

The glory of God is on the line when dealing with this doctrine of inerrancy. B.B. Warfield has rightly said that “When the Bible speaks, God speaks.” It is important then to affirm the inerrancy of Scripture just as we would affirm the inerrancy of God. God is not a liar, complete in all His manifold perfections. Since the Holy Spirit is the divine author of Scripture then it is all true.

When we affirm inerrancy, we can have such great confidence. We know that we can trust what the gospel says because God has given us the Word to know the Him through it. We are not left to grope around to find God. In fact, God has revealed Himself to us infallibly in the Word. To know the Word is to the know the God of the Word.

Inerrancy will change how we preach. There can be no real exposition apart from an acceptance of inerrancy. Inevitably, we will leave out what we don’t like as much. The gospel is offensive and some truths are hard. Once we think that the Bible is not completely without error, we will begin to pick and choose “smooth sayings” that suit our agenda well. Inerrancy keeps us humbled under the Word of God. We have to deal with tough texts. We cannot just affirm of God what we like. This perfect revelation shows us what God is like, conforming us to His image.

Watch Live

I hope to watch as much of this conference I can. You can watch live at . Enjoy as these men fight to give us confidence in the Word, for our good and His glory. What a joy it is to serve an inerrant God!