Time won’t premit for a long post. There is within my members a fire, a fire that cannot be properly dealt with at this time. Instead I would like to quickly offer a quick word of advice. I know I can offer very little advice. I have been a Christian by God’s grace for nearly 3 years now and I am in no way a seasoned vet. But I have found two things to be true; not because I thought of them but because I have learned them in the fires of affliction. First, there is such sweetness in the truth. I am never reluctant to assert the truth of the gospel on this platform. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation to all who would turn and trust. This objective atonement has been achieved soley by Christ and has to do with the love and justice of God. God’s wrath must be satisfied by Christ. Only by grace through faith alone in Christ alone can one be justified. This is the main thrust of the Bible. That is, the glory of God in the gospel of Christ is the main thrust of the Bible. God is for Himself. Humble yourselves and believe that. Pray that God would help you because it is true. It is a travesty that many times we want to be “God-centered” because God is man-centered. God being for God frees us to be for God. We already love ourselves: we don’t need a yes-man deity. Our greates good is the spread of the supremacy of God in all things. We are to joy in God and not his stuff. If you have no affections for God, deep and abiding affections, you are not in Christ. If you still pesevere in delight that is not God or coming out of a delight in God, taste and see that the Lord is good! I also want to tell you that the “doctrines of grace” or “Calvinism” is also compeltely true. That is because it is biblical soteriology. Flee from you concepts of God that we all must fight. We are all bornĀ Arminians, but there is no joy in a God made in our own image.

That leads, quickly, to my second word of promise. There is no joy in falsity. Bad doctrine kills the soul. Temptations towards unhealthy doctrine wears on the heart, stripping it of the comfort once felt by the solid rock of God’s truth. Run to the Bible. Find people who delight in it. Plenty of people like to discuss but very few love to behold. The Bible was inspired for that end; namely, the exaltation of the glory of God in the grace of Christ, our righteousness. Open theism, NPP, Kesick theology, Weslyan perfectionism, hyper-calvinism, it does not matter; none will lead to greater satisfaction in God.

The chief end of man is to glory God by enjoying Him forever. This will only come by sound doctrine. Right thinking leads to right feeling and that fuels a life of purusing Christ and the spread of his fame in the gladness of the nations he has purchased in Him; the end of all things. Soli deo gloria. Amen.