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24 Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy, 25  to the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.


Jude 24-25


This will be the last post in the book of Jude for a little while. That is the plan at least. I thank God for all He has taught me about His work and our responsibility to guard against heresy. There are dangerous opponents to the Gospel and we know Satan loves nothing more than to snare us in falsity. It can almost be overwhelming to think about keeping ourselves in the love of Christ. Yes, we must fight. But can we just be honest and say that we fight a war within ourselves? False doctrine is attractive because it feeds the remaining carnality of the flesh. It can be hard to overcome because, at times, it feels easier. Thank God that we are not left to fend for ourselves. This is the subject of Jude’s doxology. The very nature of a doxology is to praise the Creator of all things! In this one, Jude is reassuring believers on God’s power and commitment to keep us in His love. God will keep us. This is for our joy and for the ultimate purpose: His glory alone. 

Kept from Stumbling:

Is this first part not great? The beginning of verse 24 says that God will keep us from stumbling. Now, how are we to account for this reality even though we sin every, single, day? We all fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). And yet, Jude says that God is keeping us from stumbling. This must mean then that God will keep us from stumbling irrevocably. Meaning that God will keep us in Christ Jesus and cause us not to leave the faith forever. The false teachers were pulling people away and it must have been intimidating to see their “brothers and sisters” departing from the faith they once claimed. How can they be assured they will not fall? The can be assured because salvation is of the Lord! Their union with Christ through faith will keep them. If they are of God they will stand because God knows His sheep and they know Him. He is able/powerful to keep us because he was able/powerful to save us. 

Presented Blameless:

Oh the day that we are presented blameless in the presence of God’s unveiled glory! Great joy indeed! Jude is assuming something about salvation here. That is, that we are given the righteousness of God as our righteousness. How? Jude says the same God that keeps also presents us blameless before Himself. Blameless! Even our righteousness is as filthy rags. Now matter what fruit we bear (Spirit wrought even), we can not stand in the presence of God blameless. We, in ourselves, are not blameless. To say we are would seem to violate 1 John. We would be liars. We need the alien righteousness of Christ. Nothing can for sin atone! No, nothing but the blood of Jesus. His wrath-bearing, sin erasing, righteousness gaining death on Calvary is the only thing that can make us blameless before God. This will result in great joy. Great joy indeed.

To God, Through Jesus:

We are presented and kept to a person. The New Heaven and the New Earth certainly are to be hoped for. A world when we are not sinful and can worship our God unencumbered by our finite limitations. But make no mistake. The Kingdom of God is nothing without it’s King! We are saved and called primarily to someone: the triune God. This only comes through the cross of Christ. Our union with Christ brings us all the benefits thereof. Only through the Lord Jesus, the substitute, can we be presented to the God of the Bible. 

Glory to God Alone, Forever

Notice Jude does not call us to exult in ourselves because of what God has done. We are not supposed to think about how great we are since God loves us enough to keep us. This is not the case. Read Romans 1 if you don’t believe me. We are not kept because of who we are but who God is. Our salvation is to point to the Savior. God will receive all of the praise and honor for His work. That is what it is. We participate but God is the one who really does it. This points to his glory, majesty, dominion and authority. He has been this way eternally. Before all time, now and forever! This is great news to us, God’s people. God’s glory is the catalyst and the result is our salvation and perseverance.