First, let me thank you for reading. It means a lot, really it does. I hope that this is a mutual growing experience for both of us as we continue in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ. Will and I plan to get back going on the blogging and really hope it pushes you to the cross. 

Now to the task at hand today! Yesterday, a friend of mine told me something that he probably should not have. It was in love but I am not sure if it was to be repeated to me. Regardless, the comment made by a mutual friend about me is telling of a growing problem within evangelical Christianity. Our mutual friend is in a class with me this semester and is not necessarily looking forward to it. Now, to be sure, we are not great friends. However I would not think that the news of our taking a class together would be bothersome to him. His reservations come because he has been told that I am quite “opinionated” and am hard to take a class with. This, no doubt, comes because of my theological and doctrinal posistions. I do not fit in with most here at school because I love the theology of the Reformers. That is cool with me, I’m over it. But i would like to examine the core of this issue. Is it just my opinion that is offensive or is it Scripture that is the offending party? Is this a preference problem or a truth problem? First, allow me to repent.

My first inclination was to call this cat an idiot. That is the flesh and I pray that God take that attitude in the street and put a bullet in it.  I must be honest and say that in the past I have not been gentle enough with the truth of the Bible. My lack of humility and love showed (and sometimes continues to show) that I do not fully grasp the wondrous truths that I love so much. Every 5-pointer has their “cage faze.” Humans are dumb and so we can basically screw anything up, including sound doctrine. But thank God its all by grace alone, am I right? 

It is inexcusable to be offensive by my presentation, actions or attitudes. That is a sin issue and I need to kill that. But I am not sure that is the main reason for this whole conversation. This whole “opinion” culture seems to stem from outside of the church and is in now slow matter into the church. Postmodernity demonizes truth. Doctrine-less “Christianity” has become all to prevalent. The truth of the Bible has become subjective, spitting in the face of the inerrant Word. It is important to note that objective truth is a distinguishing feature of Christianity. It is truth from the source of all truth. Take for example in John 14. Jesus says that he is the way the truth and the life! There is no wiggle room for that. Paul’s gospel expositions continually are composed by the cross and the resurrection, justification by faith alone and penal, substitutionary atonement. And yet now these are my opinion as to what the gospel of Jesus Christ is? To take Paul out of context, by no means! 

It has been my observation that much of the move away from objective truth is in the name of tolerance and community. Tolerance in it’s postmodern definition is the most intolerant thing ever. We must speak the truth in love or people will perish and our God will not be worshipped as He has commanded. We seek not to hurt feelings but are not reverently fearful and humble under the Bible’s authority. Truth is for our joy! A false dichotomy says we must choose between unity or truth. Truth creates true unity. The same must be said about community. What a buzzword this has become! Community cannot become a facade that really means hanging out and talking about who Jesus is to us. Community encourages one another in the truth of the gospel. What else can we give each other? Community is to point us to the cross not become and end in itself. Community aids in our sanctification, our growth. Our perseverance even is stirred by community. Truth must create community. It will divide, there is not question. But Jesus did not come to bring peace but to divide (Matthew 10). People will divide over Jesus and rightly so. We must resist watering-down Jesus to create unity. That is not Christianity.

Moreover, we must push for the truth of the Bible. The truth about God. The truth about man. The truth about what God has done for our joy and His glory amongst the nations. There certainly are some of my opinions that I am too zealous about. That is a sanctification issue and my pharisaical tendency, thus proving my depravity and need for sovereign grace. By I will not relent on or apologize for standing up for the Bible. God is truth and every single bit of His Word is the truth. All else must be subjected to this measuring stick. The studying and exposition of truth will only serve to draw us near to our God, the God of the Bible. He is the God of all truth and only by His grace can we know Him in any capacity. God we need you.

soli deo gloria