Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house, that you have brought me thus far? This was David’s response to God’s promise to bring about the Messiah, Jesus Christ. The answer to the question was nothing. David and his house were nothing special. David came from tending to sheep in his father’s fields. He had done great things in war and has shown great character but we all know that King David was far from perfect. The answer was nothing. That is what David is getting at here. He is not asking what the answer is. David’s response to God’s faithfulness to him and his family is to exalt in the great God of grace. The answer was nothing and the answer has not changed. 

David had certainly done great things. He outlasted Saul, killed several hundreds of men and even brought the Ark of the Covenant back to the people of Israel. If anyone had anything to boast about to the Lord surely it is David, right? Maybe Paul. Paul was a Hebrew of Hebrews. He knew it all. He had been brought from persecuting the church to being persecuted for the Church. Surely Paul had something to boast about, right? Well, no. Paul did the same thing that David did. He gloried in the grace of God. In short, neither one of these “Hall of Faith” guys were the hero of their own testimonies. 

2 Samuel 7:18 is the first that was written at the beginning of the post. God used this verse tremendously to humble me and draw me to the cross again. It is so easy to see how I have grown and think that I’ve arrived. Am I the only one who feels that tug? It’s like everything I do has to point back to me in a way. I’ve maintained a certain level of orthodoxy. I can teach the Word. God is not impressed by that! God has allowed me to do these things. If God doesn’t show me Reformed theology, I don’t know it or at least I don’t know it well. By God’s grace, I am who I am. And by God’s grace, my family is growing to the Lord. God saved my mom. God not only saw fit to bring me out of my self righteous moralism but he also let me help my mom out of the darkness too! God did not owe me that. Just because I have a shaky at best grip on the Bible doesn’t mean that I deserve anything. And that is what David is saying in v.18. When we look at all God has done, we should not think that we are awesome. Instead we should lift our eyes to Heaven and cry, “Who am I Lord?!” And the answer is nobody. The Gospel frees us to be nobody and to allow Jesus to be the hero of our testimony. That I can look back at my conversion (as miraculous as anyones) and glory in the fact that once I was dead and now Jesus has given me life. Isn’t that beautiful?

God brought my small family to Himself. He didn’t have to. To be sure, I did not provoke Him. Nothing in me or my mom warranted a response from God other than just condemnation. But God being rich in mercy, according to the great love with which he loved us, made us alive in Christ Jesus (Eph 2:4). Who am I Lord? The answer is no one. But isn’t God magnificent.